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Inspection TypePrice
Combined Building & Pest Inspection Report$400.00*
Combined Building & Pest Inspection Report with Thermal Camera$500.00*
Combined Building, Pest & Asbestos Inspection Report$700.00*
Combined Building, Pest & Plumbing Inspection Report$700.00*
Combined Building, Pest & Electrical Inspection Report$700.00*
Home Warranty Insurance Inspection Report$400.00*
Building Inspection Report$300.00*
Pre-Lease Inspection Report$300.00*
Pest Inspection Report$250.00*
Termite Inspection Report$300.00*
Thermal Imaging Camera Inspection Report$350.00*
Mechanical & Fire Inspection Report$400.00*
Maintenance Inspection Report$290.00*
Strata Inspection Report$290.00*
Electrical Inspection Report$400.00*
Plumbing Inspection Report$400.00*
Asbestos Inspection Report$400.00*
Pool Inspection Report$650.00*
Identification Survey$800.00*
Property Data Report$55.00*
Structural Engineer Inspection ReportCall for Quote
Sewer DiagramsCall for Quote
Building Dilapidation Inspection ReportCall for Quote
Completion Defects Inspection ReportCall for Quote
Building Dispute & CTTT mattersCall for Quote
Building & Construction Progress PaymentsCall for Quote
Insurance ClaimsCall for Quote

*Prices are exclusive of GST
*Prices may vary depending on the size and location of the property

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