Pre-Lease Inspection Report

pre-lease inspection report in progress on a Sydney homePlanning on leasing a property to live in or for commercial usage? If so, it is imperative that you have a Pre-Lease Inspection conducted prior to moving into the premises in order to have documented evidence by a professional as to the condition the property was in prior to moving in, to prevent having to take any responsibility of any current damages at the property.

What is a Pre-Lease Inspection Report?

If you’re about to enter a lease contract for a home to live in or as a commercial premises, you should cover yourself and purchase a pre-lease condition report which will provide you with an accurate indication of the condition the property is in prior to accepting the property or leasing the property.

Why is a Pre-Lease Inspection Important?

A pre lease inspection report will cover you for any existing damages not caused by you and enable you to re-claim your entire bond, as many landlords tend to hold bonds for pre-existing damage and tend to blame that pre-existing damage on the tenant!

A pre-lease condition report can also be completed for the landlord leasing their premises to identify the current state of the property prior to leasing the premises, and then at the end of the lease the report can be used as a basis to identify if any further damage was done to the property which had not been identified in the initial pre-lease condition report.

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