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Structural Engineer Report

It is important to have a Structural Engineer Inspection conducted should you feel the property you are purchasing or living in, may have an Structural concerns.

structural engineer reportWhat does a Structural Engineer Report cover?

A structural engineer report will cover and evaluate all the different areas such as wall, roof, framing, concrete, retaining walls, etc. In our structural engineer report we will give our professional advice and opinion on determining the cause of the problem (if any) and make any suggestions as to how to eliminate and fix the problem.

Our Structural engineer report may help reduce your maintenance bill as small problems can be identified and addressed at an early stage, preventing larger and more costly problems from arising.

Why is a Structural Engineer Inspection Important?

Our inspection report will determine any Structural defects that can be dangerous in some cases and should never be ignored. The quicker a structural fault can be identified and resolved, the safer and less costly they are to repair and maintain. Should you overlook a small crack, which may appear be nothing now, however in the years to come this crack may increase in size becoming a major structural issue and costing one thousands of dollars to repair, this is why it is so important to have a structural inspection should you be concerned about any issues at the property, even the smallest issue!

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How to Book a Structural Engineer Inspection?

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