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Sewer Diagrams

Home Owners looking at selling their properties are realizing that they cannot sell it without a Sewer Diagram. Don’t delay the sale of your property any longer, EBC are here to help you obtain a Sewer Diagram.

drain for sewer and waterWhat is a Sewer Service Diagram?

A sewer diagram is a diagram showing the location of the private properties service line.

Here is a list of questions, and some information and an example of what they look like.

How can I find out if my sewer diagram is current?

You can contact our office on 02 9613 3353 and request a purchase of a Plumbing inspection to initiate the process so we can investigate is you have a current sewer diagram.

Is your property missing a Sewer Diagram?

Effective Building & Consultancy can assist you with obtaining a sewer diagram.

  • Looking to sell your house but losing too much money because you don’t have a sewer diagram?
  • Your builder did not issue you an updated sewer diagram?
  • Your plumber did not do the mandatory Sydney water inspection or update the Sewer diagrams with Sydney water and or fair-trading?
  • Need a certificate of compliance for Plumbing works done?
  • Not confident with your plumber and want an independent Plumbing inspection?
  • Is your Sewer diagram not drawn correctly?

If you are not sure about any of the above questions, than give us a call today and we can help you with obtaining the above information. It’s a simple process, all you need to do is give us your property address and authorization to talk on your behalf and leave the rest of the hard work up to us.

What’s involved in obtaining a Sewer Diagram?

  • Client needs to give us authority to be able to talk on their behalf in writing.
  • Client provides us with existing plans (if any).
  • We investigate if there have been any sewer diagrams completed with Sydney Water and/or Fair Trading.
  • We do an initial pressure test, CCTV inspection to ensure all pipes are working accordingly and Plumbing inspection to investigate that works are done correctly.
  • We book a Special CCTV inspection with Sydney water and/or Fair Trading.
  • Once they approve the paper work it will take two weeks to be processed and for the files to be updated.

Don’t delay the sale of your property any longer, contact us today for an obligation free quote.

Call our line during business hours (weekdays 8am – 5:30pm).

Feel free to leave a note on the contact form for us to call you at a convenient time.

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