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Pest Inspection Report

A Pest inspection is another really important inspection which should be conducted when looking at purchasing a property.

looking for pests in timberWhat is a Pest Inspection?

This visual inspection is an assessment of any active or de-activated pest and termite activity within and around the property you are looking at purchasing, leasing, or currently own. The inspector will be able to advise you if any future activity is likely to be seen and comment on the current pest condition of the property.


Why is a Pest Inspection Important?

It is highly important to get a pest inspection completed prior to purchasing a property to ensure what you are purchasing is free from future headaches, as major issue can be found during inspections, especially if termites are found once a property is purchased.

Such issues which can arise if there are active termites within your property; could be major and attract high costs to repair and to de-activate termite activity, which is not covered by any insurance company. Hence, the sooner you can get the inspector to de-activate and kill the termites or to see the early warning signs, the cheaper the repairs will be should you have to go through this.

Did you know that approximately one in five homes in Australia is attacked by termites? Termite damage amounts to $700 million dollars each year in Australia. Did you know that termite damage is not covered by home insurance? – source CSIRO.

Be proactive, rather than reactive and give us a call today on 02 9613 3353 to see if your home is at risk, or already has been infected by termites or other timber pests, we also can arrange a pest spray treatment to prevent future damages from occurring.

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It is highly recommended that this pest inspection report be combined with a thermal imaging inspection report to enable us to guarantee termites are not present at the property.


How to Book a Pest Inspection?

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