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ID Survey Report

id survey drawingIf you’re purchasing a property and you’re not sure if your neighboring properties and any other surrounding structures are on your land been purchased, then the Identification Survey (or ID Survey) diagram will show you the boundaries of your property, outlining an accurate perimeter encroachment details from your neighboring buildings and any structures.

The survey diagram will be able to show you the boundaries of the property and a simple outline of the buildings showing their relationship to the boundaries.

What are the other different types of surveys?

EBC are also equipped to do other different types of Surveys such as; Contours, Flood Levels, Peg-outs, Redefinition, Site Analysis, and Subdivision Plan. See below for a brief description on each:

  • Contour / Detailed – this is used to locate the elevations of a land and any improvements on, under or above the land.
  • Flood Level – an analysis used as a tool to assist in the final decision on floor levels and building locations.
  • Identification Survey – shows if the building/s on the subject land encroaches upon any adjoining property.
  • Peg-Outs – the surveyor pegs out the boundaries of the property
  • Redefinition – this will check the position of existing pegs and replace the missing ones, if any, whilst also confirming the property dimensions. A redefinition survey confirms the boundaries for the architect. Without a redefinition plan you may need to pay for a redesign, which typically will exceed the cost of a redefinition survey.
  • Site Analysis – identifies the positive and negative characteristics of a site and how these may typically constrain a new project. It will also show existing physical features of the property.
  • Subdivision Plan – division of a lot into two or more lots or re-dividing two or more lots along new boundaries.

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