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Home Warranty Inspection

A home owner’s warranty inspection is required when a new property has been built and the owner wishes to obtain home warranty insurance which is mandatory when selling a newly built property.

new home ready for homeowner warranty inspectionWhat is a Home Warranty Inspection?

Home Warranty insurance providers require owner builders to engage a Building Consultant with the correct insurance cover to inspect owner builder completed projects prior to selling of the property.

Our building inspector will provide the owner builder a report on the condition of the building works completed and identify if there are any issues or defects found which may need to be rectified in order to obtain home warranty insurance.

Home owner builders will need to ensure they understand the requirements of the home warranty insurance policy, as per Fair-trading guide lines


  • 6 years from the date of completion of the work or the end of the contract for the work (whichever is the later), for loss arising from a structural defect.
  • 2 years for loss arising otherwise than from a structural defect.

A home warranty inspection report is very important to have completed in order to be able to see your property, as without it you will not be able to get home warranty insurance hence you will not be allowed to sell your newly built property.

Home warranty insurance helps protect home purchases when purchasing a newly built home, as if there are any issues or defects with the property overtime the buyer is covered by the home warranty insurance hence not having to pay for repair costs themselves, but seeking them through the home warranty insurance company.

We recommend you do a building inspection report prior to the expiry date of the above structural and non-structural time lines. By doing this type of report, and sending our expert building inspectors, you can hold the contractors responsible for the defects as long as you have maintained your property correctly.

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