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Dilapidation Building Report

A Dilapidation Building Report is an inspection with a written report, which includes photographs of a building, property, council assets and/or neighboring properties prior to Construction works commencing.

The proposed works can include a new unit building (particularly if there are underground garages), new house construction, renovation or alteration works, road works, underground tunneling or demolition.

Dilapidation building reportWhen is a Dilapidation Inspection Report needed?

An initial pre-dilapidation inspection report is undertaken prior to any construction works commencing so that any cracking and/or damage to the neighboring properties and/or council assets can be documented to protect both parties from any potential claims.

A final post-dilapidation inspection report is undertaken on completion of the works and any changes are documented so that remedial works can be undertaken or in any case a dispute can be resolved by issuing our report as a piece of evidence.

Council usually requests a dilapidation report, prior to most construction sites beginning, so any bonds taken can be returned on completion of the construction works if the outside of a building site such as pathways, kerbing, drainage, road and any other conditions of the surrounding Council property are not damaged.


Why is a Dilapidation Inspection Report important?

It is important as an owner builder/ builder to undertake a dilapidation report so if there is any pre-existing damages to the neighboring properties and/or council assets, they can be verified prior to Commencing Construction. This will help eliminate any frustration in a claim for damages from the Council, your neighbors or any other Authorities.

How to Book a Building Dilapidation Inspection?

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