As of the 1st January the stamp duty subsidy for first home owners will now only apply if you are purchasing a newly built property or are building a new property. However, it is important to note that even if you’re buying a new home, don’t think the 30+ year experienced builder that built the property, is free of defects!

Over the years our inspectors have inspected a number of different newly built homes built by well-known builders who have been in the industry for over 30 years however there have been many instances of un-happy buyers and major delays in settlement due to defective construction work of these newly built homes.

There have been instances we have gone out to do an inspection for a customer and when our inspectors arrive we find that the property being built is still incomplete and only up to 90% complete, and the customer purchasing the home is unaware.

It is highly important that you book a Defects and Completion Inspection Report with Effective Building & Consultancy to ensure the home the home you are purchasing or building is free from defects prior to moving in or settling on the property.

Once you have moved into your newly built home it is a lot harder and more stressful to get any defects found repaired by the builder, especially if the defects are cosmetic issues such as, scratch marks on the walls, the builder can argue that you damaged the walls whilst moving into the property. This is the reason why we stress the importance of getting a Defects and Completion Inspection Report conducted to the property prior to moving in or settling as it is a lot easier to have the builder fix any issues to the home when the builder is waiting on final progress payments. However if the builder isn’t waiting on any payments when you’ve moved into the home, builders tend to drag the issue out and make it a long, lengthy and costly problem you will have to face if you would like defects repaired.

There are many clients we are currently dealing with that are still in the progress of taking their builder to court from over 12 months ago because the client did not do a Defects and Completion Inspection Report and when the client moved into the property they noticed numerous defects although now a lot of the builders are in liquidation and the legal costs, CTTT Inspection reports cost, and time and effort spent on trying to get these defects fixed are sometimes just not worth the headache and sometimes you end up spending more money than the defects actually cost ! Furthermore, if the builder has liquidated it is even harder to recover the full costs for the defects as Home Warranty Insurance takes over and you will need to wait in line where there are thousands of other people in the same situation as you and they will not always reimburse you the entire costs of defects as it is an insurance company so they have very strict guidelines.

This is why EBC stress the MAJOR importance of getting a Defects and Completion Inspection for your newly built property you have just had built or are purchasing, as this small cost now the inspection can save your thousands later and save you from a lengthy ongoing costly headache which you can help avoid by just picking up the phone and Contacting us now on 02 9146 4644 or by Booking Online today before you move into your newly built home.