IMPORTANT NOTE TO ANYONE BUILDING A HOUSE- It is very important to always ensure that you have a Building Progress Inspection conducted throughout the main stages of building your property prior to releasing any monies to your builder.

In the last 90 days two major builders have gone into liquidations;

  1. Cosmopolitan Construction
  2. West Minister Homes

Who would have thought that a trusted, well-known and highly reputable company that has been around for over 30 years would now be in liquidation?

No one expected this, however it is the reason why progress inspections are vital for every stage of your newly built home. Furthermore, it is also important to note that when looking for the right builder to build your house it doesn’t mean if you go to a well-known company you will experience a smooth building process. In fact, most of the CTTT Dispute Inspections we conduct for clients are from major building companies for things that have gone wrong during the construction. In our opinion, it is usually better to go with a small-medium sized building company as you will receive more one-on-one contact which will help ensure a smooth building process.

Have you heard the horror stories of people who were just about to have their house handed over to them only to have the contractors (who are still owed thousands of dollars by the builders) dismantling the house into bits and pieces. The owner just has to sit there and watch them take their dream home away from them!
This can happen to anyone, but the catch is, have you over paid your builder?

At Effective Building & Consultancy we will help ensure you that you have paid the builder only up to the building stage they are currently at. Our expertise means you pay nothing more, nothing less. We can help you do this by completing Progress Inspections for you which helps ensure that the builder gets paid up to the right amount which they are up to in the construction process and will ensure you have not overpaid or underpaid your builder to avoid any building disputes.
This will eliminate any nasty Home Warranty Insurance Surprises and any loss from your pocket.

Once again it is important to note that when choosing the right building company to build your dream home make sure you feel confident and happy with your builder, don’t always go for the cheapest or most expensive builder, go with the one you feel most comfortable with. EBC wish you good luck whilst building your dream home & are here to help you should you require any information or a quote.