Most consumers cannot pick up most defectsfaults that a building inspector can see. Before you release your final Progress payment to your builder, ensure you have a defects rectification list ready from a professional building Consultant to send to your builder for immediate rectification within their defects liability period.
Once you move into the property, defects such as cosmetic (painting chips and blemishes) cannot be put back on the builder without a major fight unless you engaged a building inspector to determine the defects and write a rectification order prior to you moving in.
Other associated reports are good to have prior to your home warranty insurance policy expires, as per Fair-trading guide lines;;
• 6 years from the date of completion of the work or the end of the contract for the work (whichever is the later), for loss arising from a structural defect, and
• 2 years for loss arising otherwise than from a structural defect.
We recommend you do a building inspection report prior to expiry date of the above structural and non-structural time lines. By doing this type of report, and sending our expert building inspection report, you can hold your builder responsible for some of the defects as long as you have maintained your property correctly.

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