Since our formation in 2000 Effective Building & Consultancy has developed from a sole trading building inspection company to a well-established professional inspection company comprising of a vastly unique team of highly qualified, trained and experienced inspectors.

+ Do you mediate in building disputes?
On request if both parties agree.
+ Do you follow up on problems to check if they’ve been rectified?
On request we will make another inspection to check that problems identified in the original report have been addressed. Follow up inspections are charged at hourly rates, please note that a follow up is only possible if the work is still visible.
+Are you available on weekends?
Yes if necessary, extra charges may apply.
+Who is responsible for contacting the real estate agent to arrange a time?
We will arrange this for you, we help minimise the stress and work off you and are happy to organise everything for you.
+ Do you do termite inspections?
If anything it’s more important to have the house inspected before it’s five years old so that any defects can be rectified before the builders warranty expires.
+The house is less than five years old, do I need a pre-purchase inspection?
If anything it’s more important to have the house inspected before it’s five years old so that any defects can be rectified before the builders warranty expires.
+ What if a scheduled inspection cannot be carried out?
If a scheduled inspection is cancelled or postponed less than 24 hours prior to the appointed time we will invoice the full quoted price. However, if an inspection is scheduled and access is not available, a $150 call our fee will apply to re-visit the site.
+ Do you charge travel expenses and fees?
Travel expenses and fees may apply if the property is located more than 30km from our office in Parramatta, Sydney.
+Do you provide a guarantee?
We do not offer a fixed guarantee but our services are covered by professional indemnity insurance in case of negligence.
+Do you inspect household appliances?
No, we concentrate on the real work of inspecting the building.
+Can I be present during the inspection?
We encourage you to be present during the inspection if possible as you will gain a better understanding of the process and of the report, and we can also provide you with an on the stop verbal run down on the property.
+ How much advance notice is required?
Usually we can carry out the inspection within 24-48 hours of request. Note that this can vary greatly depending on our current workload.
+Do you inspect the sub-floor space?
Yes if there is unimpeded access to the sub floor space. Please note that we require advance notification if a sub floor inspection is required.
+ Do you inspect the roof space?
If possible and depending on the type of inspection. Australian Standards for property inspections state that the roof must be accessible with a 3.3 metre ladder and that there must be a minimum clearance of 600 millimetres in the roof space.
+How extensive is your report?
We provide a comprehensive written report with photographic evidence.
+ How long does the inspection take?
It depends on the size of the property, but it can be as little as one hour for a small apartment or up to three or four hours for a large house.
+ What’s the best time for a pre-purchase inspection?
Ideally the pre-purchase inspection should be scheduled during the cooling off period (two days after contract signing in South Australia).