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The Importance of a Building Progress Inspection

IMPORTANT NOTE TO ANYONE BUILDING A HOUSE- It is very important to always ensure that you have a Building Progress Inspection conducted throughout the main stages of building your property prior to releasing any monies to your builder. In the last 90 days two major...

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Termite Inspections & Treatment

Homeowners in Australia are vigilant enough to monitor the conditions of their houses. Inspectors eye pests as common causes of destruction. Among the common destructors of homes are the termites which cause millions of dollars worth of damage to a lot of homes...

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Property Inspections

When purchasing a residence, Australians consider both the internal and external parts of the house. Professionals are very keen about their homes because aside from being the resting places, their homes are also temporary venues for short meetings and probably...

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Dilapidation Reports

What is a Dilapidation report? A Dilapidation report is an inspection carried out in order to assess the condition of a building or property prior to proposed building or infrastructure works. The report is generated through photographs and observation. The proposed...

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